DivHacks 2023
Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season


DivHacks, founded in 2017, is Columbia University's premier student-led annual diversity hackathon. Over the past four years, DivHacks has welcomed attendees from all over the tri-state area. We strive to create an empowering and inspirational space for students who are historically underrepresented in the tech industry.
Our goal is an experience that not only reimagines what diversity should look like in the tech industry but gives students the tools to use technology to implement change.


What is DivHacks?
Our hackathon is an awesome 36-hour long in-person event hosted at Columbia University where people come together to design something new and bring it to life! There will be lots of learning and workshops, fun games, speakers, and prizes for you to enjoy throughout the event!
Who can attend DivHacks?
DivHacks welcomes anyone who is currently a college student, both undergraduate or graduate! We are trying to provide a safe and empowering space for students who identify as part of an underrepresented group in tech, but we welcome everyone who feels they would benefit from this type of space! If you feel this hackathon in not right for you as a hacker, but you would like to participate in some other way as a mentor, workshop leader, or volunteer, please contact us!
Do I need prior experience?
Not at all! You do not have to have any experience or even be a CS major. DivHacks welcomes people of all skill levels, and that includes those who are interested in learning. Throughout the hackathon, there will be workshops aimed towards beginners in different areas including workshops for those with no prior programming experience at all. This year, we especially hope to focus on creating tracks that even people without any experience can leave the event with a project!
Do I need a team to sign up?
You do not need to have a team or idea in mind before signing up for DivHacks! If you have a team already, that's great! Please indicate that on your form. Teams can be a maximum of 4 people. We will also host a team building event if you prefer to find people independently!
Will there be food and swag?
Yes! We have organized catering for all participants, and swag will be available at booths set up onsite!
Do I have to submit a project?
No, feel free to come to attend workshops, hang out with other hackers, and listen to speakers.
Can I volunteer to help out?
Yes! If you want to be a mentor, lead a workshop, or help out elsewhere, please apply!
I have other questions...
Please email us at cu.divhacks@gmail.com if you have any additional questions!





Below is a summarized schedule, click here for more details!



Hackathon Begins!

We kick-off DivHacks with the opening ceremony featuring our co-host, Marshall Wace. At this time, we’ll also go reveal the full schedule and go over important logistics.



We’ll have a series of 30-minute workshops, which have been catered to the tracks! For example, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative will start off by explaining their track on Patient Safety.

4:00PM - 12:00AM

Coding Breaks

You can relax from coding by enjoying one (or many) of our 30-minute breaks. De-stress with our spa night, burn your mouth with spicy ramen, and indulge in late-night cookies.


Speaker: Jessie Newman

More details TBA!



Swag drop

Don’t forget to stop by for exclusive DivHacks swag items based on our theme this year, Back to the Future!


Projects Due

Teams must submit your projects at this time! Late submissions will not be accepted.


Judging & Presentations

Teams will present projects to our judges in order to be eligible for prizes!


Speaker & Closing Ceremony

TBA… we will also close DivHacks by announcing the winners for the prizes!


special thanks to all our sponsors!
Interested in sponsoring Columbia DivHacks 2023?
Email: cu.divhacks@gmail.com